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Image by Brian Yurasits

Tobacco is a Toxic Waste

Curated from Tobacco Free CA, this website provides information about the dirty truths of tobacco waste. It also provides resources to prevent toxic waste damage and join local efforts in combatting this issue.

Created by the Public Health Law Center, this website provides information on the impact of tobacco pollution and provides a searchable archive for tobacco waste campaigns, articles about tobacco waste and frequently asked questions surrounding tobacco product waste. 

This infographic from Tobacco Free CA provides information on how cigarette butts are toxic to the environment.

This infographic from the California Department of Public Health provides information about how to properly handle and dispose of E-cigarettes and other vaping devices.

The Public Health Law Center answers to common questions about tobacco product waste including the difference between toxic and hazardous waste and how local and state laws surrounding hazardous waste are set and enforced, as well as various other questions surrounding tobacco waste. 

The Public Health Law Center ​answers common questions surrounding proper disposal of e-cigarette waste. This FAQ specifically focuses on schools, who have to deal with increasing amounts of dangerous waste as a consequence of the youth vaping epidemic. 

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