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This information page created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides an overview about the health effects and risks associated with adolescents using e-cigarettes. Available in both English ​and Spanish, this resource can serve as a starting point for adults who want to talk to teenagers about this topic. 

Curated by the American Academy of Pediatrics, this resource provides bulleted, easy-to-scan information about vaping and e-cigarette use among teenagers. The organization also provides links to other resources for parents seeking additional information on how to talk to their children about their health. 

Quitting vaping is a process that requires support from friends and loved ones. This resource page from the American Heart Association focuses specifically on how parents can help teenagers quit using nicotine products, including tobacco cigarettes and vaping products


The Truth Initiative provides a variety of resources for education and the prevention of nicotine use. This article offers advice to parents on how they can get educated about e-cigarettes, talk to their teenagers, provide support, and find tools to help young people quit vaping. 

The U.S Surgeon General partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to create this comprehensive informational website for parents and teenagers. Its resources aim to help families get the facts, known the risks, and take action to prevent e-cigarettes use and support teenagers who want to quit vaping. 

Offered by the American Lung Association, this resource addresses questions like: Is there a difference between an e-cigarette and a vape pen? This resource is for parents who are looking for information that starts with an explanation of vaping products and continues with more in-depth information on health concerns and guidance on how to support their children in avoiding or quitting vaping.

The American Lung Associations Vaping Conversation Guide provides a step by step guide for parents to talk to their child about the dangers of vaping and nicotine dependence. This guide provides tips and suggestions to have a productive conversation and helps maintain an open line of communication with your child during this difficult conversation. 

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