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Additional Resources

The Flavors Hook Kids campaign from Tobacco Free CA emphasizes that the tobacco industry has a kids menu. This resource provides information on the effects of nicotine on kids brains and how the FDA regulations  are bent for vapes. 


Tobacco Free CA is a resource that provides information on a variety of topics including secondhand smoke, the tobacco industry, e-cigarettes, the environment, other tobacco products, health equity, health and youth. They also curate spotlights for articles that emerge surrounding smoking/vaping. 

This website provides information on smoking and vaping, but also how COVID-19 affects smokers and individuals who vape. There are also a variety of other resources such as quitting resources and frequently asked questions. 


This website provides information about the rising number of youth using tobacco and e-cigarettes. It identifies the problem and potential solutions for parents and educators, healthcare providers, schools, and even states and communities. 

This tool developed by the Stanford Prevention Research Center provides an interactive way to identify tobacco retailers in a region. These statistics can be helpful to see how many retailers surround certain schools and neighborhoods. 

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