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Modern Housing Complex

Smokefree Housing

Curated from  the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, this document provides information on why a Smokefree policy is a good decision for multiunit housing providers. 

Curated by the Public Health Law Center, this model smoke-free policy for condo associations prohibits smoking of all commercial tobacco products everywhere on association property. This model document is for educational purposes and can be modified to fit an associations needs but should be reviewed by local counsel. 

Curated by the Public Health Law Center and the American Lung Association, this guide provides guidance about approaching a neighbor or landlord, enforcing leases and reviewing local laws. This guide also provides information regarding legal actions and legal assistance.

The Public Health Law Center answers to common questions about smoke-free housing policies in low-income multi-unit housing, including how to educate affordable housing providers about smoke-free policies. 

This case study examines the successful adoption of the city of Firebaugh's 2019 smoke-free multi-unit housing ordinance. 

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